Tuesday, February 16, 2016

5 CDs Available

...via PayPal for $12 each, plus $3 postage from dvasey@gmail.com

Reality Allergy

Reality Allergy

No Exit

A Day Like That

The True Engine

Muscle Car


An Answer for Everything

Screamin' Back to Life

A Punk w/ Pink Reflux



The Great Escape

©2016 Vasey/Deason

Hell Warmed Over

Bad Movie

Russian Roulette

In A Perfect World

Hell Warmed Over

Good Lookin' Scar

On & On...

The Gods Are Slow To Act

©2015 Vasey/Deason

The Poet Speaks Again from the Tomb

Media Messiahs

Everything is OK (OK?)

Always Awake

The Poet Speaks Again From the Tomb

Stillness of Time


Too Late the Hero

Straight Line to Nowhere

Recorded in 2012
©2012 Vasey/Deason

Brains & Technique

Motor City Breakdown

Save It For Someday

Brains & Technique

Rat Fink

Painful Game

Wrong About That

Down in Flames

The Great Work Continues Apace


Recorded in 2013
©2013 Vasey/Deason

As Your Attorney...

Modus Operandi

Lucky Loser

In the Hands of the Law

As Your Attorney...

Do I Feel Lucky?

Baby Steal This Car

NY Shitty



The Skull on the Hill

Recorded in 2014
©2014 Vasey/Deason